I Have #MeToo Many Questions

I believe Christine Blasey-Ford.  I believe Deborah Ramirez.  I believe the dozens of women that were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.  I know that sexual harassment and assault are horrific, underreported and far more pervasive than most of us know.

I also have questions.

I wonder if I have ever made a female classmate or coworker feel uncomfortable by my comments or actions in the past?

I question if any of my female reports at work have felt cajoled or compelled to attend a client event due to power inequities?  Did they feel pressured to attend or stay because I was there?  Did they enjoy the event or just put on a happy face for my benefit?

I ask whether I have different expectations between men and women at work as far as assignments, demeanor and roles?

I wonder if when I asked my female mentee to drinks quarterly she felt uncomfortable?

I wonder now if I am depriving women of opportunities because I am less likely to invite them to lunch, drinks or dinner than my male colleagues for fear that it might be taken the wrong way?

I wonder if I am distancing myself from female coworkers in a way that is not best for my company, our productivity or for our mutual success?

I question whether my working relationships with women – including lunches and drinks – caused others to doubt their talent or the validity of their success?

I question whether I am wrong for believing that some women accusing men of sexual harassment or assault are not being truthful and rather are doing so for retribution or financial gain?

I worry that too many women who have faced such harassment and assault will continue to remain silent.

I also worry that my career could be permanently altered or destroyed by a woman accusing me of harassment or assault – even if it were not true.

I question whether I have been properly receptive and supportive of female friends and family members who have been victims – or whether something in my words or actions caused them to not share their experiences with me?

I worry about my sons and the risk that they could one day be accused.  I worry about the damage to them if those accusations are false.  I also pray that they never do anything that could make such accusations be true.

I question how many times I have made a comment, or stood silent in the face of statements or actions that made a woman feel uncomfortable?

And I worry that in too many instances – there were comments or actions that did not even register for me as being inappropriate, uncomfortable or offensive..

I have all of these questions.  Too many questions.  And not enough answers.

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