About the Author

Randi Bryant spent dozens of holidays sitting around a large, wooden table with a racially, religiously, politically, socio-economically and culturally diverse cast of characters debating and bonding over everything from the consumption of pork to the space program. In the years since, Randi has been fascinated with the way people—particularly those who are culturally different—interact, communicate, work, and live together. She focused her graduate studies on how to maximize learning from diverse student populations, particularly since in her own educational experience she was oftentimes the only minority in her entire school, church and neighborhood during childhood.

Following graduate school and a high school teaching stint, Randi founded a corporate training company in 2001 which allowed her to travel the country educating on anti-discrimination, communication in a diverse work environment, and how to capitalize on a diverse workforce. For 14 years as President of the successful company, she became even more fascinated with how ignorant and scared people in the United States are about each other.

Randi is traveling the country working with organizations to assist them in moving from diversity to genuine inclusivity. She is a sought after conference speaker and corporate trainer.


"The seed for the Neversays concept was planted as I interacted with people across our country, who were scared, confused, angry, and oftentimes in a bit of hot water due to a lack of knowledge and their inability to communicate effectively with people who were different from them.  These interactions—and the nightly news—informed me that our cross-cultural communication was getting worse, not better.  We are on this planet together.  We are working together, shopping together and going to school together.  That is not going to change.  What can change is our knowledge, understanding and communications.  Neversays, is wrapped in the idea that these tools can make things better—together."