Obama Only Needed One Characteristic

During the election, people would assume that I was voting for Obama and then would say –sometimes directly or sometimes in a roundabout way- that I was only voting for Obama because he was Black.  I am an American. I would never vote for someone who I didn’t think was the best person to run this country–regardless of race.  Other Black people have run for office and Black people have not supported him/her.  When people would say this type of statement, I was tempted to ask if they only voted for someone because they were White?  Of course not–of course you made an informed, educated decision. Black people do the sam

We Aren’t All the Same


I almost feel the need to do a PSA to inform the world that not all Black people are the same.  It bugs me when people state, “I didn’t think black people did that i.e. : swim, hunt, camp or ski.” Ugh!