Ms Bryant is a true master….she has found a clever way to help the reader deal with a subject that many feel uncomfortable discussing. This is a must read for anyone serious about diversity in the workplace.

Neversays takes an honest look at the world of stereotypes. It gives you actionable steps to bettering communication and creating an environment of understanding, which results in improved productivity. I highly recommend Neversays for business leaders.

Mr. Cedric Jones,
McDonald’s, USA LLC
Indianapolis Region
Vice President, GM


some people
when they hear
your story.
upon hearing
your story,
this is how
know.-Nayyirah Waheed

This is Randi. She expands and expands and expands with every story told to her. She is both a messenger and a voice for the underrepresented and the marginalized among us.

I first met Randi Bryant when she taught at Wakefield High school.  Wakefield, with students from over 87 countries of origin and a population that is 70% free and reduced lunch, is a diverse and beautiful place to teach.  During her time here as an English teacher, she was absolutely dedicated to ensuring that the curriculum in her department was designed to create an inclusive environment for our students.  She has continued on her quest to create environments where all people feel included.

Jina Davidson
Art Department Chair
Photography/AP Art History/AP Studio Art Teacher
Wakefield High School


Finally, a book addresses the ideas of diversity and inclusivity in a practical and approachable manner so that every person can learn and grow; and every organization build closer and more productive teams. NEVERSAYS is timely and necessary for today’s modern workforce.

This Book is a provocative exploration of the blind spots that many of us are completely unaware of.

A well written very enjoyable read about communication and the human condition.

Bert Belasco
Netcast Corporation


A brilliant and eclectic body of work! Randi takes on exceedingly complex issues that have been central to race, class and gender divisiveness that leaves the reader feeling hopeful and inspired that “finally” there’s something to elegantly address these hot button issues that continue to polarize American society. A remarkable read for everyone to apply at work, home or elsewhere!

Kevin Brown
Vector Holding Group


“Diversity and Inclusion” has become popular in today’s vernacular. Randi has treated the topic in a way that is unique and finally practical.  If this topic is of interest to you in any remote way, please read this book.

Erik Moore
Founder and Managing Director,
Base Ventures
(Early Stage Tech Investment Fund)


Neversays. – opens up dialogue… it allows you a window into some of the topics that we are all uncomfortable asking, and provides a vehicle for more discussion and dialogue.  Something we need more of.    

VP at Fortune 200 tech company


“Neversays” is a quick read with life observations that are relevant and applicable to every American regardless of race, religion, or social economic status. 

Larry Mays
SVP Worldwide Global Aftermarkets 
and owner of the UFC Gym Lansdale